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We've Moved to Ridgewood!

Owner's of the house finally decided to sell, and we had to say goodbye to our fabulous Marble Hill home. That being said - Trent and I moved to a sweet garden apartment in Ridgewood, Queens. Which is much closer to many folks who attend and live in Brooklyn, and Queens. We're off the M Train at the Fresh Pond station, and really love our neighborhood.

It's been a rewarding year of curating, preparing food, and meeting new artists and photographers. I've decided to continue producing Marble Hill Camera Club events, but in a different model.

We're looking into renting some of the classic VFW Halls, and other social clubs in our neighborhood. These clubs charge a small fee for the evening, and provide access to affordable drinks.

It's really important that our club be accessible. In the past, we've had a suggested donation of $5 dollars. This new approach of renting a hall, would require us to charge a small cover fee each month - (think Poetry Project). It's really important to me that this event happen outside of any sort of institution - be it gallery, school, or residency.

Also, I'm pleased to announce that I'm curating the inaugural Backyard Biennial in Ridgewood, Queens this September. Venice isn't a hop, skip, and a jump for everyone. Stay tuned for a list of invited artists, and more information on the event. We're keeping it small and DIY: we'll be looking for volunteer docents, graphic designers, and folks to spread the word.

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